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Simply describe your legal situation and in less than 2 minutes receive an easy-to-understand report that will help you explore your legal options. No registration needed, no credit card required.

AI-Powered Legal Research Assistant

This is a free service to the public with no registration or credit card required. We generate income from our paid ("Premium") version which is for use by attorneys only. Our AI Legal Assistant can handle all areas of law: real estate, divorce, personal injury, corporate, civil, bankruptcy, criminal, patents, tax, employment, and more. Note: This research is for educational purposes only, to help you better understand the law when you talk to an attorney. It is not a substitute for talking with a human attorney.

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Why Use AI?

  • 100% Automated - No humans involved.
  • Fast Results - Over 1,000 times faster than a human.
  • Available 24/7 - Get your questions answered from the comfort of your home, anytime.
  • Secure and Private - No sensitive data is required and we do not share your data with anyone.
  • Covers All Legal Specialties - Combines the knowledge of over 50 different areas of law.
  • Runs In The Cloud - Nothing to download, nothing to install.
  • Easy To Use - No legal or technical knowledge needed.
  • Powered By ChatGPT - Our custom-built legal software integrates with ChatGPT, using complex prompt engineering techniques such as chain-of-thought (CoT) and programming concepts similar to AutoGPT, BabyAGI, and LangChain to combine Python routines with a large language model (LLM).

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